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   This page will tell you all you ever wanted to know about colloidal minerals.  First a few questions:  What do colloidal minerals have in common with Hula Hoops, or if your not quite that old, what do colloidal minerals have in common with skateboards, still too old, then what about colloidal minerals and scooters? The answer is, of course, they were all good ideas that made a lot of money.  The difference is, with Hula Hoops, skateboards and scooters, everyone got their money's worth but with colloidal minerals it is quite a different story.  The reason for this is simple.  When entrepreneurs see a good idea, they all want a piece of the action. It doesn't take long before hundreds of companies begin duplicating good ideas that sell. Pretty soon the market is flooded with imitations of the original.  With Hula Hoops, skateboards and scooters, the consumer can easily see what they are getting.  With colloidal minerals, or any nutritional product for that matter, we can only rely on what we are told. It is a very easy thing to make a bottle of liquid look and even taste like another bottle of liquid.  It is even easier to play on peoples naiveté and make product labels look the same.  The government only adds further confusion with its labeling requirements, requiring a component list while outlawing any function claims.  With colloidal minerals, these rules allow a lot of worthless information while excluding the valuable information, i.e., what will this product do!  What does an elemental component list tell you on a product like colloidal minerals?  Once again, the answer is simple.  First you must understand that elements are not minerals. Minerals are made from elements.  Then you must understand that the ingredient list on a typical bottle of colloidal minerals lists only elements, not minerals.  For example, calcium is an element, not a mineral, calcium carbonate, or calcium lactate or calcium gluconate are minerals.  The way calcium is combined with other elements will determine its usefulness as a food supplement.  The same holds true for all other individual elements, it is the way they are combined with other elements that determines their value in nutrition.

Okay, I know what your next question is but before we attempt to answer it, I have another question.  What if  penicillin had an elemental breakdown on the label?  If we required it then we could then make label comparisons with many other products until we found one with the same elements but perhaps more of them.  You can see where all this is leading, right?  There are many things in nature that contain the same elements, in fact, as you know, everything is made from these same basic elements, the only difference is the way they are combined.  If you had a tomato plant growing next to a poisonous house plant and you ground them up and took them to your local laboratory for an elemental analysis what do you think you would find?  If you said the same elements, your right.  Do you think you could tell which report was which if they were unlabeled?  Are you starting to get a picture of what an elemental analysis is telling you?  Of course, it is telling you some of what is in a product, but not what the product is.  Don't you think it would also be nice if the product label simply told you what the product does?  It would be nice but we already know what Big Brothers attitude is about that.  

Having said all of that, I don't want to imply that an elemental analysis isn't valuable.  It can tell you for instance if there are high levels of potentially dangerous elements in something.  It can also tell you the amount of a particular element in a mineral and your RDA's are based on those levels.  But----it can be just as important to understand what it is not telling you.  List 70 or so elements on a bottle of liquid and nobody is going to be able to tell you what it is.

By now you might be asking, "why in the world would anybody want to use these so called colloidal minerals in the first place".  That is exactly the question I was asking myself at the height of all the hysteria a year or so ago.  It has been a lot like watching a political election with the advocates of colloidal minerals vigorously selling and defending their products and the detractors vigorously criticizing and flaunting their credentials trying to create their own audience and sell whatever they were selling.  The only constant seemed to be that neither side was making any sense.  One might wonder why the original product that started it all  is still around if he hadn't been around for the whole story.  Having been around for the whole story myself, I can say "good things never die".  There are enough people over this product's 80 year history that have used the original T. J. Clark Colloidal Minerals to keep it alive and growing.  It's value is well known among those of us who use it. Now, add to that the fact that just about everybody will  always tell those who matter to them about the good things that they know of.  That has always been the strength of T. J. Clark Products and I suspect it always will be.  T. J. Clark & Company has never manufactured a product for sale to the public without strong physical evidence of its value.

Finally to answer the $64,000 question, (anybody remember that show?) exactly what is the T. J. Clark Colloidal Mineral Product----You guessed it.  Nobody knows!  That's why T. J. Clark can't put it on the label. If I knew the precise active chemicals I could probably start a whole new revolution in health care. The fact is, nobody else knows either!  In retrospect it would have probably been far more accurate for T. J. Clark to describe his Colloidal Minerals as a phytogenic chemical complex instead of colloidal minerals.  That is still a pretty general description but not quite as broad as colloidal minerals.  When science can finally define and replicate the active phytogenic compounds in the food we eat, then perhaps we will be able to tell exactly what T. J. Clark's Colloidal Mineral Product is.  Until then we can rely on T. J. Clark & Company to  keep on doing the good things they have always done and make all of their products available to everyone who has been made aware of their value.  People usually find out about T. J. Clark Products through the advice of a good friend or loved one.  As I said earlier; good things never die.

Just one more thing; if you've been led to believe that colloidal minerals are a complete mineral supplement, they aren't.  Here is where the label will help under the RDA section.  That's why T. J. Clark offers a complete Mineral Package.  This mineral package lays the foundation for any good nutritional program and it is definitely worth checking out.

Now that you know about colloidal minerals, come on in and browse around.  I've got some really good stuff inside!  If you like what you see, you can even buy the whole store!

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T. J. Clark Nutritional Supplement Stores

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Dealer: You do not need to purchase product to sell. All product is shipped directly from the factory at no cost to you. You never pay for product unless you buy it for your own use. The sales transaction is completely automatic, your only involvement is to receive the profit! As a dealer you make 33.3% profit from each sale processed through your store, but without the liability nor the overhead expenses associated with a land based store. This store is priced at $500.00. Rent and Maintenance fees are $60.00 per year. Rent and Maintenance fees are prepaid for you for the first year.*

Distributor: You become both a Dealer and a Distributor. You receive all of the benefits of the retail store, but you become the exclusive distributor to other dealers who purchase a Factory Outlet Store through your store.  Your new dealer automatically purchases all of the product sold through that store from you at a 25% profit to you. Once again these transactions are entirely automatic. You pay nothing, you just collect the profit. This store is priced at $1000.00. Rent and Maintenance fees are $120.00 per year. Rent and Maintenance fees are prepaid for you for the first year.* 

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